Instructional Video

Your estrus doe urine played a huge part in me harvesting a 179". 15 pt monster!!!  Thanks for making a great product. 


-Ray Keskeny

As a hunter, you know that having the freshest and most potent deer urine is key to luring in those elusive bucks. 
Our Estrus scent urine contains PEAK estrus levels, replicating a doe in heat and attracting bucks faster to your stand.
Whether you're hunting in early, rut, or late season, this scent can be used in a variety of ways to get you the results you need.
How to use Peak Estrus:
✅ Spray it around your stand to mask human scent
✅ Use it in scent drags and mock scrapes to create the perfect environment for that trophy buck to walk right up to you. 

✅ Creating a scent trail with a wick tied to a string. Not only does this mimic the movement of a real deer, but it can lead bucks right to your location.

How to use Scrape Lure:
✅ Create your own overhead licking branch, pour scent into a scrape, and then apply more scent onto the overhead limb.
✅ Try using a trail drag to spread the deer urine scent as you walk towards your stand.
✅ Soak a wick or cloth in Scrape Lure, tie it to a string, and drag it to your stand, freshening the scent along the way.
✅ Use Scrape Lure in scent droppers
✅ Spray it around your stand to mask human scent while creating a calming environment for deer.

 If you're looking to draw in some serious buck action, Multi Buck Urine is the way to go. Use it during the early, rut, and late-season. Here is how:
 ✅ To ensure the maximum spread of scent, hang a wick or heated dispenser on a branch over each scrape and pour some directly on the ground.  
 ✅  Create two fresh scrapes around your hunting area. Choose low-hanging branches and scratch away the leaves with your boots to create a three foot circle. This will help release the scent of the multi buck urine and attract deer to your hunting area. 
✅  Scent control is vital when it comes to successful hunting. Multi buck urine can be sprayed on your clothes and boots to help mask your human scent when you're out in the field. 

How to use your grunt call:
With just a simple twist in a clockwise circle, you can easily switch between dominant buck grunts, doe in estrus bleats, and fawn in distress bleats. 
Adjust the o-ring up and down the reed to get the desired sound you're after.

When it comes to creating the most realistic sound possible, you simply can't beat the power of a good set of buck rattling horns.

How to use your rattle bag:
✅ place the bag between your hands and rub, or use it single handedly and press roughly to produce realistic fighting sounds.
✅ Crash your antlers together and grind them to create the perfect sound
✅ It's important to take small pauses along the way, just like bucks do, to simulate a real battle. 


We take pride in being a family-owned wholesale and retail deer urine collection farm established way back in 1988.
With over 500 whitetail deer across two farms and two top-notch collection facilities that use state-of-the-art stainless steel, we are the leading industry experts in Whitetail Deer and Elk Urine collection.