Let’s Eat Deer Jerky

By Brian Kanke
Chairman of Zoo Pharma Dynamics

Happy New Year to everyone. It's unfortunate that we ended 2023 with a FOX News Article about Zombie Deer, once again. This time, they claimed that the deer are unsafe to eat due to the possibility of them being infected with CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease). They mentioned that science experts believe there is a chance of transmission from deer to humans. However, it's important to note that possibilities are not facts. I'm not surprised that they didn't provide the names of these scientists, probably because there were none or they are the same unidentified climate experts. Let's focus on the actual facts and what is published in the scientific journal.

Fact number one: Scrapie, a prion disease in sheep, has been around for almost 300 years, but there is no evidence that it can infect humans. You can find more information at

Fact number two: CWD, a prion disease in certain cervids (deer family), has been present in free-ranging herds for almost 63 years, and there have been no reported cases of CWD infection in humans. Learn more at

Fact number three: Approximately 7 million deer are harvested per year for consumption, totaling 360 million pounds of deer meat consumed annually. Over the last 63 years, that amounts to 441 million deer and 22.6 billion pounds of meat consumed. Check out for more details.

Once again, the spread of fake news and the influence of anti-hunting lobbyists have attempted to hinder our hunting heritage. It's clear where these so- called science experts come from, following the same pattern as the climate activists by hiding their names. They should know that we, as outdoorsmen and women, are knowledgeable and have the ability to seek and uncover the truth. They also know that we will fight to protect our rights, given by God, to practice conservation through hunting. I have provided three scientific facts for you to research, and you will see for yourself that fake news often makes false claims while hiding behind unknown experts. When I make a statement like I am now, I take responsibility for it and stand behind it with my name, ready to accept any challenges.

Over the last 63 years since the first discovery of CWD in free-ranging herds, we have consumed 22.6 billion pounds of venison. Venison meat is free from antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, and preservatives. It's simply a naturally delicious red meat with a rich heritage. The organization I mentioned, ZPD, focuses on research and development. I would trust a field trial where 22.6 billion pounds of deer meat have been consumed without any incidents of CWD transmission. Such a trial would scientifically state that there are "NO ISSUES HERE." Don't let yourself fall victim to the scare tactics of political left activists.

I will continue to enjoy my Elk Steaks, Red Deer Burgers, Mule Deer Chili Meat, and all the whitetail deer jerky and dried sausage I can eat, and I encourage you to do the same. Together, we must unite to preserve our tradition of hunting animals for food and conservation. As stated in the Holy Bible's book of Deuteronomy, we must be the protectors and stewards of the land. Please don't approach me with possibilities, beliefs, maybes, might's, or theories. I only want to hear verified scientific facts, and according to science, deer are safe to eat. Let's kick off 2024 by indulging in some delicious DEER Jerky!


Nationwide Scents takes CWD seriously. Here are some additional steps we take to give you the safest product possible:

  • CWD Testing since 2002, CWD free since 2002
  • Testing our deer and elk urines for CWD prions with RT-QuIC
  • A member of the Responsible Hunting Scent Association, participating in the Deer Protection Program
  • Breeding for CWD resistant animals using DR. Seabury genotyping technology
  • Constantly Testing our animals for CWD
  • Closed herds, we don’t buy any deer from other herds
  • Double fenced herds to keep the disease out
  • Cutting Edge Science based nutrient program to prevent CWD

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