Welcome to Our Elk Farm!

Established in 2020, we are excited to introduce our Elk herd and collection facility right here in central Pennsylvania.

With our stainless-steel collection pans and rubberized flooring, you can be assured you will get the freshest and cleanest Elk urine available on the market!

We have the capability to collect both Bull and Cow elk urines in our new facility, ensuring you will have both options to choose from when purchasing from Nationwide Scents.

More info about our elk herd:

  • Our Elk came from a herd that has been CWD free since 1998
  • Tuberculosis & Brucellosis tested herd.
  • Filtering technology instantly after urine is released.
  • Double fenced farm.
  • Closed herd status – we do not import animals off other premises.
  • Retail and Wholesale elk urine fresh from our farm to your door.