About Us


Nationwide Scents is a producer and distributor of whitetail deer and elk urine. We are located in central Pennsylvania and have been family-owned and operated since our founding in 1988. The company was founded on a multi-generation family legacy of whitetail deer husbandry and breeding.

Nationwide Scents set out to become the best supplier and producer of high-quality whitetail scents to the hunting industry. Over the past 3 decades, we have made significant progress towards that goal by growing our operations, continuously improving our products, and setting industry standards for responsible and safe urine collection. Quality and customer service are core to our identity, and the success of our customers is ultimately what drives us to constantly innovate and improve on our products and collection processes.

Nationwide Scents deer lures are currently available throughout the country in major retail outlets under private labels, and our own branded retail product is currently available for purchase on the Nationwide Scents website. Our retail products are shipped directly from our deer to your door throughout the hunting season. If you are looking to buy whitetail deer or elk urine for your personal use or you are interested in purchasing wholesale urines to start your own line, please give us a call.


  • Two collection farms on separate premises with 500+ head of whitetail.
  • Largest whitetail deer urine collection company in the world.
  • Retail and Wholesale scents fresh from our farm to your door.
  • Stainless steel collection facilities.
  • CWD free – certified since 2002.
  • RHSA Deer Protection Program participating member and co-founder.
  • Tuberculosis & Brucellosis tested herd.
  • Filtering technology instantly after urine is released.
  • Double fenced farms.
  • Closed herd status – we do not import animals off other premises.
  • Founder of Estrogen Certified deer lures
  • The Nationwide Scents team has over 117 years of combined experience in whitetail deer husbandry and veterinarian experience giving us the cutting edge technology to formulate and collect the best whitetail deer urine.

There are two major factors in quality whitetail urine:

1. Minimum contact with fecal matter.
2. Minimum contact with air and oxygen.

Nationwide Scents has designed their stainless-steel collection facilities to minimize contact with both fecal matter and oxygen. Seconds after deer urinate within the collection facilities, the urine is filtered and stored in light and temperature-controlled storage rooms. Our deer are housed in spacious pens with rubberized floors. These pens allow for efficient collection without causing our animals any discomfort and are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. At Nationwide Scents we take our collection process seriously, and believe that our careful attention to details and high quality standards results in the best product on the market.