Spook Spann

“Using Nationwide’s scent was directly related in helping me harvest the biggest buck of my life.” I put out a mock scrape that morning using the scent and had 7 bucks come check it out. As “Whiplash” watched a doe come into range, a smaller buck also came to the mock scrape which irritated “Whiplash” making him come in aggressive to challenge the smaller buck. Giving me the shot I’d been waiting a lifetime for. Nationwide scents are collected fresh daily and have been extremely effectively in helping me as a cover scent and as a lure to help bring bucks closer and keep intense interest in the scrapes around me all through hunting season.

Christian Berg - Petersen's Bowhunting

“Hey Elam, check out this giant buck I took yesterday in Kansas with Peak Estrus!”

Dustin Jones

My best buck ever! He couldn’t resist the rutting buck urine!

Eric Noe

“Two hours after a scent drag I shot my first typical 10 and biggest buck with crossbow at 15 yards. Lifelong customer for sure!”

Greg Goodman

Both bucks came in aggressive looking for a hot doe or a fight for one!

Isaiah Battel

Every buck stopped to smell your scent. I cried like a baby for 5 mins after I found him.

James Garrett

He left a hot doe for short time to check out a scent drag I had made with your Estrus!

Jody Smith

The scent really helps cover your own scent.

Kevin Mckenna

Harvested 4 bucks this season with it. Will never use another scent product.

Kevin Mckenna

This 164” Pennsylvania buck came in with his nose up to my scent. The best scent I have ever used.  Harvested 4 bucks this season with it. Will never use another scent product.

Scott Feese

“He came in with his ears laid back and the hair on back and neck were standing up.

Tony Meech

Nationwide Scents are the real deal… none of the other scents have attracted the mature bucks like Nationwide does!

Tom Catalano

“My name is Tom Catalano, I live in Rogers city, Michigan. I shot this 163 inch 11 pt with my bow in SE Nebraska using your buck scent and doe in heat scent.  I also shot a 14 pt in northern Michigan with my bow using your buck scent on early season scrape.”

Ron Hayden

I really like the “volume” approach, and used your scent on a active scrape line along soybean field edge for 2 hunting sessions, 2 days apart. Had several mature buck in daylight hours checking scrapes, and re-freshing. Harvested largest buck of my 35 yrs hunting career to date.

Ron Hayden, Cassopolis, Michigan

Jesse Waldron

Works on Mule Deer. Nationwide is the real deal. Arrives fresh and cold packed and this makes all the difference in the world to big bucks vs the stuff in stores sitting around on shelves for who knows how long. Critically important with archery hunting (picture below was taken with my bow) where you need to get close. Highly recommended and I’ll be buying again for the 2017 season.
Jesse Waldron

Mike Stogsdill

I wanted to send you a thank-you letter once again for the wonderful product that you produce there at Nationwide Scents. The Frozen urine is second to none … keeping the product fresh and ready to use at your doorstep within 72 hours from ordering.

I took this Buck during an evening hunt because we have three years of pictures prior to this past season and he needed to be removed from the herd as he was not growing as much as we would have liked for our management.

Thank you again for a great product!


Anonymous Customer

“My son used your scents to lure in this buck for one of his friends! He was so excited after taking this buck!! Thanks again Nationwide Scents!!”

Tom Brown

“Your scents rock! This big boy had his nose in the estrus from a drag line. The kicker is I just put the tripod stand there yesterday afternoon. I shot him today at 4:15 pm. Big deer for these parts and biggest I’ve ever seen in the woods.

Thanks again.”

Ricky Motter

“Just wanted to say thanks for the good scent. I had made 3 scrapes attracting bucks to each one. The last week I hunted I saw 20 different bucks with the one in the picture making fatal mistake on November 9th at 10:30 in the morning.


“A big thanks to you guys for a great scent line, scrape [lure did] it for me here in KY!”

Dave Peters

“I took my son out on youth day and we put out some of your estrus and had three different bucks come in all within an hour and we were able to capitalize on the most mature buck it was a great experience for me and my son. His first deer with him and I together.”