The end of July and into August is a great time to start your mock deer scrapes. As the season progresses into fall, the whitetail buck begins to produce more testosterone, leading into bucks becoming more territorial. Throughout the season the whitetail will check on these scrapes for competition making sure his territory is claimed. Scrapes are valuable to hunters for scouting. Below is a great how to guide to whitetail scrapes and using whitetail scrape lures.

What to Look for?

Scrapes and rubs are great ways to tell if a whitetail is using your hunting property as his territory. When scouting your hunting property be on the look out for these signs.

  • Look for deer trails, their common path throughout the property.
  • Deer Droppings
  • Bedding areas
  • Watch for overhead branches – typically 4-5ft off the ground you may find a licking branch.
  • Below the licking branch you should see a scrape

Making a Mock Scrape

Using a whitetail scrape lure can help you funnel deer to your camera to take inventory of your local bucks and does. This will help you design your management plan and harvest list for the coming deer season.

  • Find your perfect location
  • Try to be as scent free as you can
  • With your rubber boots scrape a 3 foot circle to bare dirt.
  • Use a strong branch to scrape the ground
  • Hang your favorite scent dripper of Nationwide Scents Scrape Lure.

How often should I refresh my scrape?

Every 2 weeks is a good time to refresh. You want to be careful that you don’t over pressure your area by refreshing to often.



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