Whitetail Guide – Large Hardcover – Breeder Buck Book, Vol 12

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The Whitetail Guide is an annual hardcover, full color, coffee-table-worthy catalog that compiles pictures and pedigrees of scores of whitetail bucks across the country. It is THE definitive listing of whitetail deer breeders and suppliers, with detailed information about each farmer and buck, highlighting that year’s top sires. Each buck is listed with a poster-worthy full-color picture. It’s the essential reference and resource for anyone dreaming of raising this majestic big game animal.

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  • PERFECT MAN CAVE GIFT with pictures of 217 whitetail bucks scoring from 200 inches to 600 inches.

  • 168 PAGE HARDCOVER 8.5 x11 four-color glossy smith sewn book.

  • OWNERS CONTACT information for every buck. Giving you the resources to get started raising whitetail deer.

  • 11 WHITETAIL AUCTIONS with prices that whitetail bucks are currently selling for.

  • FULL BUCK INDEX WITH EVERY BUCK (3,000+) listed from the past 12 volumes in the Whitetail Guide hardcover books since 2005.

The perfect, unique gift for a deer hunter, outdoor woods enthusiast and nature lover. This catalog will open your eyes to some truly gorgeous deer. This volume features full color, glossy photos of 217 whitetail bucks with racks spanning up to 600 inches! It makes for conversation starting décor on your living room coffee table or in your office. Make it the center of your man cave. Immerse yourself into the world of champion deer breeding and hunting or simply enjoy it as deer themed art in its own right.

Enjoy 168, full 8.5×11 pages of astonishing whitetails, along with owner contact information and even auction sheets that detail selling prices! Included is a full index of every buck (over 3,000) listed from the past Whitetail Guides back to 2005.

Imagine being able to obtain your own hunting stock. The Whitetail Guide is THE reference and resource for finding breeders and animals and insight into this specialty breeding. It’s the prime starting point if you want to explore raising your own stock. Each catalog contains pedigrees, auction results with pricing details, glossy photos and some truly eye-popping bucks.


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