Mist Top 2 Pack

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The Mist Top Atomizer Cap allows you to spray your scent into the air and to apply to your choice of various locations or products.

Includes 2 Mist Top Atomizer Caps, allowing you to mist the deer urine with a few quick bursts giving you a much broader target range. Misted deer urine can travel a long ways with a slight breeze. Recommend to do 10-20 bursts every 30 minutes from your stand. One 8 oz bottle gives up to 335 bursts.

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Clean Me:
Fresh deer urine is a by-product and builds up in the pumps mechanisms. For a longer pump life be sure to clean the Mist top atomizer cap after every hunt by running 10 bursts of hot water through pump. Life expectancy of pump can be as low as 3 bottles or 24 ounces.

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Weight .05 lbs
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Mist Top 2 Pack – 4 oz, Mist Top 2 Pack – 8 oz

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