Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser

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  • 1 Hot Wick unit
  • 2 hot pads
  • 2 wicks
  • 2 pairs disposable gloves

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Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser – Welcome to the most effective and efficient heated scent dispenser. Did you ever think about the difference in temperature of fresh doe urine, versus room temperature doe urine? It is known that heated liquids give off more vapors that will ultimately give you a wider target range and a more effective attractant. The better you can replicate a live doe the better your odds are to fool a mature buck. With this in mind and after years of research and development we found the perfect tool.

Patent pending Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser quickly heats up your favorite deer urine to the body temperature of a hot doe and gives you up to 8 hours of heated vapors.  Attract mature deer with your Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser because the vapors slowly drift into the woods. With our product, you will love the safe, simplicity and low operating cost because our dispenser operates off hand warmers (most generic hand warmers work).

  • Warms scent to body temperature for up to 8 hours.
  • You will have a wider coverage range because heated deer urine vapors travel farther.
  • Attract mature bucks quicker with a Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser.
  • Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser keeps the scent from freezing through winter months.


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10 reviews for Hot Wick Heated Scent Dispenser

  1. Darryl Shearer

    Ingenious concept!!!

  2. Kristen R. (verified owner)

    A MUST HAVE for any hunter!

  3. Ward Strayer (verified owner)

  4. Jerome Neville (verified owner)

    Good product

  5. David B. (verified owner)

  6. Kristopher L. (verified owner)

  7. Marc Carfora (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  8. Shawn E. (verified owner)

    Product exactly as advertised. Fast delivery with tracking which was extremely helpful. Will be returning customer.

  9. Bill A. (verified owner)

    Work great. Good product.

  10. Eric (verified owner)

    Just bought them for this season. Been a cold snowy season. Like how they don’t freeze. So far nothing has come into them though.

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