Deer Grunt Call – Hand made with Cherry Wood

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Nationwide Scents – Custom Made Deer Grunt Call 

Our professional quality deer call is made from the finest Cherry wood with an extra long tube for volume and realistic throaty grunts and laser engraved for a perfect sounding call you can be proud to hang around your neck. 

  • Proven results, deer grunt call is proven in the field with years of testing and our team of whitetail experts raising deer since 1988 
  • Unmatched experience, with our daily contact we hear many various grunts and sounds that whitetail deer make. Our deer call is designed to realistically mimic these noises with an accuracy 2nd to none 
  • Easy to use, adjustable ring on the reed switches between high and low volume calling.  It is also designed with a durable freeze proof tip to give you the best call in the harshest conditions
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Deer Grunt Call – Cherry Wood custom engraved call.

  • Nationwide Scents Deer Hunting Grunt Call is proven in the field and backed by the Nationwide Scents team’s 28 years of experience hunting and raising whitetail deer.
  • Custom made hunting accessories with an extra-long tube for volume and realistic throaty grunts.
  • Laser engraved for a perfect sounding call that you can be proud to hang on your neck!
  • Deer grunt call is designed to mimic a rutting buck grunt, young buck call, breeding buck, estrus doe bleat, regular doe bleat and fawn bleat with an easy to adjust ring on the reed.
  • Easy to adjust low–high volume calling.
  • Deer grunt call can do loud to gentle calling by the flick of your wrist covering small or large hole with a freeze proof tip designed for the harshest conditions.
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We know that you are going to love our deer call because of its great features. However, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, please contact us for a hassle-free refund or replacement.

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2 reviews for Deer Grunt Call – Hand made with Cherry Wood

  1. Trenton Adams (verified owner)

    Amazing sounds! Never owned a call that had that much of a realistic tone.

  2. Micah K. (verified owner)

    Ordered the call November 5 overnight shipped to house next day.. went out Thursday of the same week got out in Bush after work at 4:30 I got set up on a quick ground set made a few grunts and switched to the bleat call in reed and called the buck in the picture in but had another one coming in when I stuck this buck very happy with the product best call I’ve found

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