It’s an exciting time at Nationwide Scents, as we are in the midst of prime whitetail deer hunting season. Make this your best year yet by using deer scents to increase your chances of catching the best buck of your life.

Our company is known for providing high-quality deer urine to attract whitetail deer, with or without the use of deer decoys. The reason the hunting scents are so powerful is that we freeze the deer urine when it is collected fresh. This stunts the natural decomposition of the organic material present in the fresh urine, ensuring that our product’s scent profile is maintained until you’re ready to use it in the field.

Of course, having fresh, organic deer urine is key to capturing a good bruiser, but it’s also important to use different types of buck lures throughout the season to align with natural deer behavior patterns. Here we break it down for you so you know what to use, and why:

EARLY SEASON: PRE-RUT (August 1 – November 1)

It’s important to be wise with your deer scents in the early whitetail hunting season. Especially in the first few weeks, you want to create an atmosphere that seems natural as possible so you don’t spook deer with something unnatural in the woods for this time of year (like using an estrus scent before their natural breeding time).

During the early part of deer hunting season, we recommend using our Scrape and Rutting Buck deer urines to make mock scrapes and freshen existing scrapes. Scrape urine is the perfect urine to make a mock scrape and set cameras in front of to take inventory of your local bucks and start your hit list. The scrape urine works as a great curiously for bucks and does in the early season, and also helps to mask the human scent. We have found that any fresh deer urine (Estrus, Scrape or Rutting Buck) works very well as a cover scent, but for this time of year stick with scrape or rutting buck urine.

To create a cover scent, use our spray top and give 5-10 blasts every 15 minutes while also spraying on your tree around you. This helps to overpower your scent as it floats downstream. We know we can’t completely fool a mature buck’s nose, but by covering our scent with something as powerful as deer urine it both helps to relax him and makes him think you are at 200 yards when you’re only at 30 yards. Many mature bucks have been taken with this well-kept secret.

As we inch closer to the pre-rut season (October), you should use more of the rutting buck urine, as the deer will be getting ramped up for the coming rut, and now is the time to capitalize on an excited buck showing off for the rut.


Peak breeding season: A deer hunter’s Christmas. Obviously now is the time to use generous amounts of our Peak Estrus deer urine, the scientifically-proven hottest buck lure on the market today and the closest replication of a wild doe in her peak heat. Our Peak Estrus urine is the only buck lure in the industry that is scientifically tested to contain peak estrogen levels, replicating a doe in her standing Estrus. This urine has been proven to attract more aggressive bucks with up to four times longer interest time and up to five times more flehmen (lip curl) response.

You can also still use rutting buck urines, as of course, this scent will still attract some hungry bucks during peak-rut. Rutting buck urine makes local bucks mad because they smell intruder, so look out for some nice aggressive bucks!

Pull out all the stops here to get the best buck of your life: use doe urine and/or rutting buck urines with draglines, mock scrapes and scent wicks.

(PS – Share your big catches with us on Facebook, we love to see what you catch using our urines at this time of year).

LATE SEASON: POST-RUT (November 22 – February)

There’s still some fun to be had in the late season. It’s also a fun time to perfect your whitetail deer hunting tactics and prepare for next year. After rut season, a deer return to mostly focusing on food, so just use a basic doe urine like our Scrape urines.

About a month after peak rut season, a second rut will kick in, but won’t be as wild as the first one. Use your Rutting Buck and/or Estrus Doe urines to get a few last big hits before the down season. 

We hope this was helpful in showing you what deer urines to use and when, but feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions on using deer urines for the whitetail season.


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