Frozen whitetail deer urine is 53.2 times more effective!

Researchers used live whitetails bucks for an experiment to see which scent was more effective.   One wick was saturated with fresh, frozen deer urine and another wick was saturated with room temperature, stored deer urine.  They placed the wicks 12 feet away, far enough apart,  so that the bucks would need to choose which wick to go to.   By doing this, they were also not forced to go to one or the other. After bucks were released into the pen, the seconds that each buck had their nose within 12 inches of a wick were counted.


It’s the Best Whitetail Deer Scent on the Market!

Testing Results

  • Fresh Frozen Deer urine – 266 seconds sniff time within 12 inches
  • Room stored deer urine – 5 seconds sniff time within 12 inches
  • Fresh Frozen Deer urine – 2 lip curls flehmen response
  • Room stored deer urine – 0 lip curls flehmen response
  • Bucks made it very obvious which they preferred and spent 53.2 times more with the fresh-frozen deer urine, than the room temperature stored deer urine.

Why Frozen Deer Urine?

Deer urine has living organisms similar to foods we eat, and without proper preservation, they quickly break down. The freezing process stunts the natural decomposition of the organic material present in the fresh urine.  This ensures that our product’s scent profile is maintained until you’re ready to use it in the field.

Extensive research suggests that lures stored at room temperatures often lose this valuable scent profile in as quickly as 3 days. Our “frozen-fresh” deer urine lures are specially produced to maintain their scent profile, allowing the closest possible replication of a live doe scent. Research with live mature bucks showed that they stayed with our frozen scents 53.2 times longer than regular room temperature deer urine.

Why Nationwide Scents?

Our deer urine is collected from real whitetail deer and is quickly frozen to preserve their valuable pheromones. Your order is shipped in an insulated cooler, straight from our deer, to your door, giving you the closest replication of live deer scent. Our urine comes in 4 and 8-ounce bottles, which gives you more bang for your buck. You can be assured we will take care of you no matter what your season brings With our 100% money back guarantee.


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